Support the Symphony Now or Later?

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Symphony patrons Brian McCune and Charlie Halfmann chose to make "blended gifts."

Charlie Halfmann and Brian McCune are two Symphony patrons who have taken advantage of the Symphony's "blended gift" approach. With this approach, each established a named fund with a current contribution and will later add to their funds through estate gifts.

Blended gifts have become a popular way for many Symphony donors to give. This win-win approach allows you to see the impact of your legacy each time you enter Davies Symphony Hall or witness our educational programs in the community.

Brian, who views the Symphony as his second home, has given for over 30 years and had the Symphony in his will for 20-plus years. When the Symphony's centennial rolled around, he wanted to make a more substantial gift that would function like a "down payment" on his estate gift. A blended gift was the answer.

"By doing this, the donor gets immediate satisfaction because the named fund gets established while he, she or they are still alive," Brian says. "I just think that's so important to motivating
people and to making them feel good."

For Charlie, who will have subscribed to over 1,000 San Francisco Symphony concerts this year, a blended gift provided convenience. Charlie had a goal of simplifying the ultimate distribution of trusts he had set up to support the Orchestra's touring expenses. Establishing a fund now provided a single destination for the trusts.

"I did it because it was convenient for me," Charlie says. "It's nice that I'll get the recognition now and it's nice that I know it's helping now, but the real reason was that I wanted to make it logistically easier for me in managing my trusts."

Is a "Blended Gift" Right for You?
If you have been thinking about an estate gift or a gift that goes to work now for the Symphony, why not consider a blended gift? It can ease your estate planning and you will begin to see the impact of your legacy now. Contact David Zhang, J.D. at 415-503-5445 or to get started.