Love of Violas Leads to Violas for the Future

three men playing trumpets


Violas are the focus of Janet Klein’s IRA gift.

Longtime symphony-goer Janet Klein is providing for the San Francisco Symphony's future along with her own. She recently named the Symphony a beneficiary of her IRA.

"Music talks to my soul, and one of the things I really like about going to the San Francisco Symphony are my seats in the second row," Janet says. "It's not just an audio experience. It's a visual experience."

Janet grew up playing the viola and attending the symphony with her parents in Toledo, Ohio. She has attended the San Francisco Symphony since 1983.

"The Symphony has been a part of my life for a long time and part of San Francisco for a really long time," Janet explains, "and I want to recognize and support their music making."

Flexible-Purpose Gift
Janet's IRA provides her income for life. Depending on the value of the remainder, the Symphony will use Janet's IRA to establish a viola chair, acquire violas or support the Symphony's loan program for its violists.

Janet Klein

Janet Klein

Creating the gift allowed Janet to express her vision for the Symphony's future. "The Symphony's staff worked with me and listened to what I wanted, and then I worked with my attorney to get the right wording," she says.

"Violas are sometimes underrepresented, and it's such a beautiful instrument. I'd like to hear more of it," Janet says. "I think music helps create well-rounded people, and I'd like the Symphony to provide the musical experience for years to come."

Express Your Vision for the Symphony's Future
By working with our planned giving staff, you can direct your donation to the Symphony's general-purpose fund or designate a specific program, ensuring that your gift is used according to your wishes. Contact David Zhang, J.D. at or 415-503-5445 for more information.